10 Declan Hill

Declan Hill is an investigative journalist and academic who specializes in the study of organized crime, match-fixing, and international issues.


He was the first journalist to break the story of Asian match-fixing gangs linked to the multi-billion dollar gambling markets destroying international football in his book ‘The Fix: Soccer & Organized Crime’. It has now become a best-seller in 21 languages. In 2013, he published the academic version ‘The Insider’s Guide to Match-Fixing’. They’re both fantastic reads, available on Amazon.

Before publishing ‘The Fix’ Hill completed documentaries on the killing of the head of the Canadian mafia, blood feuds in Kosovo and ethnic cleansing in Iraq, among many other things.

Declan takes us through the intriguing inside story of match-fixing and corruption in the game. We discuss everything from the inner workings of the Southeast Asian organized crime gang he infiltrated in 2006 to the key players today running an industry at times estimated at over $1 trillion to the process and methodology applied to fixing matches ranging from youth games to the World Cup & Olympics.

Contact: Tweet @declan_hill | Website www.declanhill.com

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